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Mitt Romney, Barbra Streisand and the McRib


Love me some Romney pics.

There is always plenty political fodder to talk about and I’d like to open with the remark of Mitt Romney in which he stated if he was a Mexican he’d have a better chance of winning the presidency.  Frankly, I’m loving that El Romney wants to reunite with his Mexican heritage, even if that heritage just refers to when his ancestors fled America so they could have a Mormon gangbang down in Tiajuana like some spring break co-eds.  Whatever.  No pasa nada.   I mean, even though Los Romneys are dying to storm the gates of Casa Blanca, all of a sudden all I’m wondering is if they’ve got a secret family recipe for some killer salsa.  Ay Carumba!

Forget Paul Ryan, he should have picked Jose Cuervo.

Meanwhile Hollywood chimed in, as one of my favorite [deepthroat] singers and quite possibly the most beautiful women to ever marry James Brolin, Barbra Streisand spoke out about the upcoming elections.  I was shocked, not only to read that Streisand is still alive, but also to know she has some ‘political opinions’ that apparently matter to the general public.   While I didn’t actually read her article, I took note that there were 890 that ‘Liked’ it on Facebook which leads me to assume they, like myself, had this in mind when they clicked it.

Streisand. So hot in the 1960’s.

And finally, to the great dismay of trailer parks across the nation,  there are news reports that the McRib will be delaying its 2012 appearance this year.   Like the birth of the baby Jesus, the holy McRib has postponed until the end of December, making it a perfect last minute gift idea for that person on your list who seems to have everything; everything except explosive diarrhea. This comes as a change from the original planned offering to take place in mid-October which would have made for some great Halloween activities like: “McRibbing” the neighbors trees, playing our favorite “bobbing for McRibs” and of course getting hammered and actually trying to eat one.

McRib; more real than God himself.


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